The Kart Kleen SC-3

We’ve redesigned the Kart Kleen unit to have much greater intensity of UVC exposure, while retaining its highly effective liquid disinfection and sterile air drying capabilities. Based on our calculations, ten shopping carts can be passed through the new machine in 5 minutes (amounting to 30 seconds/cart). Shopping carts will receive disinfection from high-intensity UVC irradiation estimated to be 5 to 10-fold greater than is required for 99.9% inactivation of adenovirus.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE-DU)

Personal protective equipment (PPE) is protective clothing, helmets, goggles, or other garments or equipment designed to protect the wearer’s body from injury or infection. Protective equipment may be worn for job-related occupational safety and health purposes. Kart Kleen has manufactured a PPE-DU specifically used for cleaning personal protective equipment to fulfill the dire need of clean equipment for hospitals and their workers across the country.

Potential Workplace Hazards

We are available to work with you and your food-based industry, store or restaurant, other commercial business, clinical environment, or essentially any type of workplace to assess potential hazards of microbial origin and develop a disinfection solution that fits your regulatory requirements, client and worker safety concerns and potential microbial hazards.


Our overarching goal is to enhance public safety through disinfection of inanimate objects that can transmit viral and bacterial diseases between humans, yet are used routinely by numerous people during their everyday activities.

Frequency Kleen Entrance Model

Kart Kleen manufactures a FreqKleen-E; a unit with a conveyor table system constructed out of stainless steel and hospital-proven UVC lights. Kart Kleen created this First-To-Market Product that provides an automated and efficient method of sanitizing Personal Protective Equipment, bookbags, electronic devices, and other objects people touch on a daily basis.  This FreqKleen-E effectively increases standing PPE inventories for face masks. As a result, schools avoid the need to purchase a large amount of face masks by at least 20-fold by reuse.  The FreqKleen-E is engineered to triple the dosage needed to inactivate all known bacteria and viruses, ensuring effectiveness against current and future strains. The FreqKleen-E can fulfill the needs of public safety in multiple sectors that are used on a daily basis by a large amount of people.  There are many applications to Kart Kleen’s technology and multiple units can be easily installed to each building or location.

Applications Include:

Schools, Prisons, Libraries, Police Stations, Post Offices, Fire Departments, Hospitals, Banks, City Halls, Courthouses, Jails, Stadiums, and etc.

PPE Testing

Kart Kleen has run tests on N95 face masks, UV Protective Goggles, Face Shields, and Nitrile Gloves 20 times in our PPE-DU. We moved everything around randomly in the chamber after each run and assessed the integrity to each item after every 5 runs. N95 Face Masks had no detectable effect after 20 cycles and the elastics straps were still in perfect condition.  Protective Goggles and Face Shields both had no effect after 20 cycles through the unit.  The Nitrile Gloves had no effect after 10 cycles, had some visible stress after 15 and 20 cycles, but they can still be put on and switched around without an evidence of giving out.  Kart Kleen can increase any standing inventory of these items 10-20-fold.

Public Safety Message

With the recent emergence of Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) out of China as a worldwide threat to human health, we are reminded of the possibility of it and other viruses being spread through contact with contaminated surfaces (fomites). Further, COVID-19 is only the most recent example of the rapid emergence and spread of potentially deadly viruses including SARS, several strains of avian flu, swine flu and Zika virus.

Next Steps…

If you have interest in acquiring a Kart Kleen SC-3 Unit, Personal Protective Equipment Disinfecting Unit (PPE-DU), or a FreqKleen-E, please leave a message in the Contact Us page and a representative will get back to you shortly!