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April 15, 2020                                                             Jason Gardiner, President Kart Kleen

                                                                                                                Nelly Nicol (406) 670-1745

Missoula Company Develops Mobile Unit to Disinfect PPE

Missoula, MT – Kart Kleen, a Missoula, MT company, in collaboration with researchers at the University of Montana-Missoula, has developed a patent-pending invention to eliminate viruses like COVID-19 from Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).  Kart Kleen is in the process of sharing manufacturing blueprints and plans to begin production immediately in Montana.

Given the current shortage of PPE in hospitals and clinics, the founders of Kart Kleen – Jason Gardiner, Brian Rose, and Joe Obresley – quickly shifted gears (from an existing product that would sanitize items such as shopping carts) to a mobile machine that would safely disinfect N95 masks, face shields, protective goggles, and gloves without harming the equipment.

Dr. William Holben, the lead scientist for Kart Kleen, reported that initial measurements with the units indicate that just three minutes of treatment would inactivate greater than 99.9% of all viruses present.

Holben, who holds a Ph.D. in cell and molecular biology and has over 30 years of experience in environmental microbiology and molecular microbial ecology, said the team put their focus on fomite disinfecting. “Fomites are objects that can be contaminated with infectious organisms and serve in their transmission,” Holben said.  “We were able to apply this concept and destroy these viruses and numerous other harmful microbes that survive on surfaces and can be transmitted onward.” 

The Kart Kleen team reached out to community leaders, including Nelly Nicol, candidate for Montana State Auditor, who quickly became a supporter and began making calls.

“It’s what we do in Montana,” said Nicol.  Our communities are tightly knit, and campaigning across the state has given me access to a diverse pool of influencers who I knew would want to help.  I’ll continue to help until they receive an essential status so they can produce like madmen.”

“Our goal is to decrease the shortage of safety equipment and ease the minds of our medical teams, law enforcement, and essential workforce,” said Kart Kleen President and Founder Jason Gardiner.  “They are still out there each day, keeping our country running in a safe, healthy manner.  Anything we can do to help them and show how much we appreciate what they are putting on the line is our goal.”

Kart Kleen, LLC., is based out of Missoula, MT.  Their mission is to enhance public safety through the disinfection of inanimate objects that can transmit viral and bacterial diseases between humans.  For more information, contact

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