What Is Kart Kleen?

Hello, we are Kart Kleen, and our mission is to rid the world of microbial contamination by cleaning objects and items that people encounter on an everyday basis.  We are a first-To-Market Product and will provide an automated and efficient method of sanitizing objects with our technology.  The current “state-of-the-art” sanitation method is to have employees hand-wash equipment with either rags, wipes, or pressure washers on a very infrequent basis.  Many corporations and organizations do not have the technology or tools to properly clean equipment (such as shopping carts) used by customers and employees.  Customers share shopping carts and even pick up packaged products or unwrapped produce that have likely been handled by numerous others.  Our society is being plagued with many new diseases spread by mere touch of  inanimate objects previously contaminated by others.  Several amounts of bacterial species that were found on shopping carts are associated with human disease or opportunistic infections.  Kart Kleen believes that we can be at the forefront for sanitizing many of the items that people encounter every day.  We manufacture high-quality sanitation equipment using a series of different disinfecting treatments including; Sanitation Solutions, High-Intensity Fans and Ultraviolet Light.  Our goal is to expand to other areas and items that have human interaction and can spread pathogens, viruses and other bacteria. 

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