Fomite Disinfecting Units

At Kart Kleen, our overarching goal is to enhance public safety through disinfection of inanimate objects that can transmit viral and bacterial diseases between humans, yet are used routinely by numerous people during their everyday activities. These include grocery shopping carts, furniture in medical waiting rooms and public transit vehicles. Based on the literature and current medical practice, effective disinfection of surfaces harboring disease-causing microbes greatly reduces or even eliminates the likelihood of patrons or patients acquiring a disease from them. Our patent-pending systems are fully customizable based on customer needs and the objects to be sanitized, and include appropriate combinations of EPA-approved disinfectant sprays, filtered air dryers; and high-intensity ultraviolet light exposure.

We have scientifically demonstrated that a number of known bacterial pathogens and opportunistic pathogens are present on both shopping carts and physician waiting room chairs before the Kart Kleen disinfection process. We have also demonstrated through laboratory testing, our unit removed or inactivated up to 96% of the bacteria present on shopping cart handles and child seats. We’ve redesigned the Kart Kleen unit to have much greater intensity of UVC exposure, while retaining its highly effective liquid disinfection and sterile air drying capabilities of estimated to be 5 to 10-fold greater than is required for 99.9% inactivation of adenovirus (a cause of common colds).

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