Current Problem

Our society is plagued with many diseases, old and new, that can spread simply by touching inanimate objects previously contaminated by others.

Bacteria and Diseases

Several of the bacterial species that can be found on shopping carts and Personal Protective Equipment are associated with human disease or opportunistic infections.

Our Solution

Develop appropriate UV irradiation to destroy the physical structure of DNA/RNA genomes of bacteria, viruses, and molds that are present on objects and surfaces we encounter during our daily routines.

Our Products

Kart Kleen manufactures high-quality shopping cart disinfecting units using a cleansing treatment of High-Intensity Ultraviolet Germicidal Light sources.

Kart Kleen manufactures a Personal Protective Equipment Disinfecting Unit (PPE-DU) specifically for PPE used by healthcare professionals, EMTs and other first responders. The unit is based on UV light tubes, and the radiation destroys the DNA and RNA structure of viruses on equipment.

Kart Kleen also manufactures a Frequency Kleen Entrance model; a unit with a conveyor table system constructed out of stainless steel and hospital-proven UVC lights. Kart Kleen created this First-To-Market Product that provides an automated and efficient method of sanitizing Personal Protective Equipment, bookbags, electronic devices, and other objects people touch on a daily basis.

Our patent-pending units will help solve various problems that are involved in microbial contamination on surfaces that people routinely encounter in everyday life.

Our products are manufactured here in the U.S. using the highest-quality control standards. In addition, our products are designed for safety and high-throughput and durable for our customers use.

Products and Services page for more information on our units.

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Next Steps…

If you have interest in acquiring a Kart Kleen Shopping Cart Unit, Personal Protective Equipment Disinfecting Unit (PPE-DU), or an Entrance Unit, please leave a message in the Contact Us page and a representative will get back to you shortly!